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DMS continues to punch above industry average

Monday, January 11, 2016

Western Bay of Plenty kiwifruit operator, DMS, is set to provide its growers with significant Net Storage Earnings following the bumper 2015 season, at returns that are significantly higher than the industry average.

DMS packed eight million trays in 2015, an increase of 2.2 million trays on the previous season.

DMS growers’ average Net Storage Earning are 75 cents per tray for Haywood Green kiwifruit – 159% above the industry average of 29 cents per tray. DMS growers will receive 80 cents per tray for G3 (Sungold) from Net Storage Earnings, 105% above the industry average of 39 cents.

At the same time, DMS has achieved an onshore fruit loss of just 1.28% for green kiwifruit, compared to the industry average of 4.04%; DMS’ onshore fruit loss for G3 is a minimal 0.05% or just 924 trays, while the industry average is 1.02%.

DMS director Craig Greenlees says the Net Storage Earnings are a significant and outstanding result for DMS and its growers in what has been a big and challenging season, with a longer onshore storage period.

“As most people will be aware, the New Zealand kiwifruit industry is experiencing the highest volumes of fruit ever seen. This is extremely exciting for growers, the industry and the wider economy, however, it is also providing new challenges in terms of quality and storage.

“We are extremely proud to have delivered on both quality and storage for the 2015 season, which means increased profits for growers.”

Mr Greenlees says the DMS team is a key factor in achieving the quality post-harvest results.

“This result is all about our people. Every single person in our team is totally committed to our objective of increasing grower profit. This is demonstrated in the care and expertise they take at every step in the process – from the orchard to the packhouse, coolstore and beyond.

“We have excellent technology, supported by comprehensive systems and processes, but it is our people who take these to the next level. These results are directly attributable to their efforts for growers.”

Mr Greenlees says DMS’ 2016 priority remains achieving outstanding post-harvest quality results – including minimising fruit loss and maximising storage earnings and grower profits – but the company will also maintain its strong focus on orchard management excellence.

He says DMS is anticipating even greater volumes of fruit this year, based on the results from 2015.

“A focus on orchard management really came to the fore during the Psa crisis, and again when we took an industry stand to advocate for conversion to G3 as the future for the sector.

“Outstanding orchard management will continue to be a priority for us in 2016 and we look forward to working with existing and new growers to help them maximise the potential of their operations and increase grower profit.

“It’s going to be an exciting year.”



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