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From Orchard Worker to Orchard Champion

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Growing up on a kiwifruit orchard, Jacqui Clark never anticipated a career in the industry. Not only is that where her career has taken her, but she recently took out the Top OGR award for the 2016 Hayward harvest as a DMS orchard manager.

In a strong season for the Hayward variety, Jacqui’s numbers of 17,000 trays per hectare for the Okepua orchard with an average size of 31 helped her stand out from the pack.

Jacqui puts her success down to a handson approach and solid understanding of what really works. “I like to stick to the basics – and do what’s tried and tested. I also spend countless hours on the orchards, because the best results come from a hands-on approach and genuine TLC.”

She advises other females getting into orchard management to believe in themselves and the qualities they bring to the role. “As a woman, it was a bit of a struggle to be taken seriously in the industry at first, but now I have bragging rights over the rest of the guys,” she says.


Jacqui Clark, winner of the Top OGR award for 2016 Hayward harvest.



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