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Lodgement of supplementary document accompanying PDS

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In reference to the article “DMS Progrowers Ltd lodge Product Disclosure Statement” posted 27 January 2017, DMS has since lodged a supplementary document with the Companies office that accompanies the PDS. This supplementary document is an updated simpler version of the PDS Offer Application Form.

The PDS and the supplementary document are both available on the Disclose Register ( - offer number OFR11778). Further information about DMS is also available on the Disclose Register.

We advise that you read the PDS, other relevant information on the Disclose Register and the DMS website carefully and seek advice from a financial adviser if you have any questions.

If you would like us to send you a copy of the PDS, please contact us on either 07 578 9107 or by email to



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DMS Calendar September 2018


  • Continue Psa protective spray programme
  • Frost Risk
  • Fertiliser
  • Bird control
  • Confirm Bee hives
  • Pest and disease sprays - follow spray programme


  • Order Bumble Bee hives
  • AvoGreeen pest monitoring
  • Early harvest
  • Maturity testing
  • Consider flower pruning
  • Follow fertiliser programme