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DMS Management Team

Chief Executive Officer


Derek Masters

Derek commenced working for DMS in November 2008 in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Derek came to DMS having previously worked 20 plus years in both privately owned and International Corporations primarily in the manufacturing and FMCG sectors. His strengths lie in developing successful cohesive teams working together to create better production systems and processes, with a strong focus on quality products and service. This focus continues with delivering the best performance for DMS and for DMS supplying Growers. In late September 2017 Derek was appointed CEO.

Ph: +64 27 234 2484

Financial Controller


Klyta Inman

Klyta joined DMS in 2014 in an Accounting role, having come from Tokoroa working for Chartered Accountants Gary R Chapman & Associates Ltd and an Earth Moving Company. Klyta has extensive work experience in all facets of business administration and tax compliance. Improving accounting systems and developing the accounting skills within the DMS Team is her key focus. Most recently Office Manager, Klyta has accepted the role of Financial Controller.

Orchard Operations Manager

Brett Kerrisk

Brett joined DMS in 2010 after having spent five years as a Rural Lending Manager with Rabobank in Pukekohe. His experience also includes the position of Technical Representative for Bay of Plenty Fertiliser Ltd, specialising in horticultural crops and he also has worked for Franklin Rural Management setting up and managing large scale farms including dairy equity partnerships. Brett spent some years as a Kiwifruit Grower in South Auckland and in the position of Orchard Operations Manager is further strengthening our Orchard Management Team whilst providing a full management service to the DMS corporate entities.

Ph: +64 21 407 749

Manager, Client Services


Bruce Macdonald

Prior to joining DMS Bruce had over 25 years involvement in the Real Estate industry culminating in Senior Management level in a publicly listed Company. He joined DMS in 2006 to manage the Client Services Team with a focus on growth and providing a high level of communication and service to DMS Growers. Bruce is committed to the industry and has a personal investment in the avocado sector.

Ph: +64 27 222 4700

Site Manager,
DMS Te Puna Packhouse


Aaron Price

Aaron has grown up within the local agricultural and horticultural industries working his way through most areas of the orchard and pack house. Aaron has gained an extensive understanding of the industry from the growing, harvesting, packing, cool chain, right through to loadout and into the marketplace. Aaron was successfully appointed Site Manager of our Te Puna Packhouse in early 2017.

Ph: +64 21 406 560

Site Manager,
DMS Pukepack Packhouse


Marty Hansen

Marty has been in the kiwifruit industry for 10 years. He commenced work with DMS in 2008 as Production Manager at Pukepack and was appointed Site Manager July 2015. Prior to kiwifruit he was in the automotive industry, four years of which was self employed.
Marty is focused to achieve the best results for DMS growers, team culture, empowering the staff and living the DMS core values.

Ph: +64 21 727 668

General Manager - Commercial and Services

Murray Gough

Ph: +64 27 544 4492

GM Business Development Manager


Phil Chisnall

Phil has been involved in the horticultural industry for 30 years. Joining DMS in June 2002 in the capacity of Orchard Manager for the Tauranga side of the business for the first four and a half years, Phil was appointed Site Manager for DMS Te Puna packhouse in January 2006. Phil is strongly focused on providing clear leadership, building strength and confidence within his team and nurturing a healthy team culture. He is passionate, competitive and driven to achieve outstanding results for DMS Growers. Phil is now responsible for Business development of our Avocado Business Unit.

Ph: +64 27 482 0271

Client Services Team

Manager, Client Services

Bruce Macdonald


+64 27 222 4700

Client Services Manager

Luke Blommerde


+64 22 404 8379

Client Services Manager

Jeff Wagstaff


+64 27 280 3546

Client Services Manager

Scott St George


+64 27 549 9737

Avocado Business Manager

Hamish McKain


+64 27 220 2005

Orchard Operational Team

Orchard Operations Manager

Brett Kerrisk


+64 21 407 749

Orchard Manager, Te Puna

Tom Doughty


+64 27 201 3993

Orchard Manager, Te Puna

Matthew Greenbank


+64 27 271 5183

Orchard Manager, Te Puna

Amit Pathak


+64 27 463 0022

Orchard Manager, Te Puke

Phill Reha


+64 27 285 1601

Orchard Manager, Te Puke

Darcy Polamalu


+64 27 677 4545

Orchard Manager, Te Puke

Jacqui Clark


+64 27 261 9451

General Office

Business Information Analyst

Murray Owen


Inventory Manager

Liza Doughty


Quality and Compliance Manager

Lisa Bigham


Health and Safety Manager

Jacqui Ellingham


Human Resources Manager

Rachael Trimble



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DMS Calendar July 2020


  • Continue Psa protective spray programme
  • Winter pruning
  • Grafting
  • Fertiliser
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Winter bud counts
  • Review fertiliser recommendations
  • Armillaria control


  • Structural pruning
  • DMS packing contracts
  • Fertiliser application
  • Global Gap audits start
  • Review crop estimates

AvoGreen pest monitoring