DMS Progrowers - Direct Management Services - kiwifruit and avocado post-harvest operations, orchard management & employment, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.


DMS is a leading kiwifruit and avocado orchard management and post-harvest operator in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Established in 1989 by Craig Greenlees and Paul Jones, DMS now manages more than 100 orchards and has over 70 full-time staff, employing another 500-plus seasonal kiwifruit workers during the annual harvest period at packhouses in Te Puna and Te Puke. The DMS administration centre is in Tauranga City.

As well as operating two major post-harvest facilities, DMS is a manager and lessee of orchards, providing a range of options tailored to suit grower needs.

The experienced owners and staff at DMS include orchardists who grow a large proportion of the crop it packs – they understand growers and how to handle fruit for best results.

Its post-harvest company, DMS Progrowers, is 50% owned by growers and 50% owned by the founding partners. This balance has proven to be a successful model to achieve top results.

DMS actively communicates with growers, who receive regular information, visits, updates and financial reports. Growers are also encouraged to visit the packhouses and watch their fruit going through the line in order for complete transparency.

As a company, DMS is a strong supporter of Zespri, with both founding partners holding significant industry roles at various times. DMS is a member of the G4 Kiwifruit Group, which provides 32% of Zespri's Class One crop.

Valuing each and every piece of fruit means a strong emphasis is put on a Class Two kiwifruit programme, with DMS recently joining with several other post-harvest entities to create their own Class Two brand, NutriKiwi. Fruit is marketed directly into Australia, adding value to a product that is often overlooked.

The company places a heavy emphasis on building and maintaining a strong internal company culture, which correlates directly to the high-quality results it offers clients. DMS acknowledges that best practice begins in the orchard and ends at the wharf.

DMS is also strongly committed to the avocado industry, and is achieving significant growth in volumes grown and packed.


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DMS Calendar May 2022

  • Maturity monitoring
  • Harvest
  • Post-harvest foliar feed
  • Frost protection
  • Continue Psa protection
  • Structural pruning
  • Fertiliser application
  • AvoGreen pest monitoring
  • Inject trees - Phytophthora control