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What DMS offers


NZ’s most affordable Hayward Orchard Management Service.


An Annual Management fee charged per hectare at a standardised rate.


All Contractor Services invoiced at cost with no DMS margin added.


Leasing options that include a guaranteed income to the Orchard owner.


An Orchard Management service that consistently delivers better than average yields.


A Post Harvest Service that delivers better than average fruit loss and net storage earnings to growers.


A Shareholding in DMS for the Managed Orchard Owner.


Extra incentives for new DMS clients.

Management options

For the Orchard Owner who wants to remain “The Grower”, DMS offers a flat annual management fee of $3,700 per hectare. All contracted services required for the management of your orchard will be billed at cost with no DMS margin added.

Contract options include one, two or three years and Growers who sign up for Orchard Management Services for the first time in 2024 receive additional incentives.

Option 1

New grower discount

A $1,233 per year discount on our Standard Management Fee over the agreed term of the Contract.*

Option 2

First year free

DMS will waive the first year of our $3,700 Orchard Management fee if you sign a three year management contract. You will pay only the standard management fee for years two and three of the contract.*

Option 3

Funded growing costs

DMS will fund specific individual costs or 100% of all your growing costs under Orchard Management at a prescribed rate of interest. We will recover these costs from the crop proceeds and you will receive the full balance
of the income.*

*T&Cs apply, see your DMS grower rep for full details. All management options are based on DMS being contracted to pack and store your crop over the full term of the contract.

Leasing options

For the Orchard owner who prefers a completely hands-off experience and wants a guaranteed income, the latest DMS Lease Options will be the ideal solution for you.

Option 1

Guaranteed payment per tray

  • DMS will lease your orchard for a 3 year term with a guaranteed lease payment of $1.00 per tray.
  • All costs plus interest at the prescribed rate will be deducted from crop proceeds.
  • 100% of any profits after the deduction of costs will be paid to your account.
  • Our Packing charge will be made at the Standard Shareholder rate.

Option 2

Guaranteed income per hectare

  • DMS will lease your orchard for a 3 year term with a guaranteed income to the lessor of $15,000 per hectare per annum.
  • The balance of the crop proceeds will be to the account of DMS.
  • Our 1st income payment will be made to you following submit to Zespri of the 1st crop produced by DMS. The balance of our payments will be made to you each quarter thereafter.


  1. The annual interest rate on all funding will be set at the OCR
    plus a fixed margin.
  2. Prior to signing any lease under these options, a Quality Assessment of your Orchard will need to be carried out by DMS.

What DMS offers

DMS believes NZ’s Hayward crop volume is sitting at about the right level to meet Zespri’s ongoing market demand. With that in mind and with our track record of producing better orchard outcomes, we’re confident in our ability to deliver more, for less. We’re also comfortable that it’s financially viable for the business to support that cost structure for years to come. Simply put, we’re backing ourselves for the long haul

Transparent reporting, reliable communication

Our lease and management clients rely on a timely flow of good quality information to keep them up to date with progress – often in real time. Outside the digital and print reporting you’ll always have access to real human with real expertise to keep you in the picture about what’s happening on your orchard or with your crop, and to answer any queries or concerns.

A proven track record

Good production numbers and good quality fruit are something we back ourselves to deliver. DMS’s Orchard Management teams are widely recognised as being amongst the best in the business. Before you commit to any lease or management option, we invite you to review our year-on-year performance and make your own judgement. We’d also invite you to meet with our current clients.

Shareholder entitlements and benefits

All the Growers, whose orchards we manage, have the right to own a stake in their Post-harvest company. Each season, DMS Shareholders receive a share of the company’s profits in the form of a rebate for each of the Class 1 trays packed from their orchard. Part of that rebate is used to purchase shares and part of it is paid to the grower, in cash. In addition to the rebate our growers also receive a further share of the profits by way of a dividend from their paid-up shareholding.

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