DMS Progrowers - Direct Management Services - kiwifruit and avocado post-harvest operations, orchard management & employment, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Orchard Investment

For over 20 years DMS has been managing absentee owner orchards. These corporate orchards range in size from small to very large (30+ HA) orchards.

Often the larger orchards are a syndicate of like minded individuals who rely on the success of DMS managing these orchards/businesses on their behalf.

DMS provides full quality management reports, annual reports, AGM management, and accounts/tax returns.

If anyone is considering owning an orchard whether outright or as a syndicate member, DMS is the leading service provider.


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DMS Calendar May 2022

  • Maturity monitoring
  • Harvest
  • Post-harvest foliar feed
  • Frost protection
  • Continue Psa protection
  • Structural pruning
  • Fertiliser application
  • AvoGreen pest monitoring
  • Inject trees - Phytophthora control